An Information Management Solution Is Successful Only If It Is Being Used

There are three main challenges related to training end-users in an information management solution.



Delivery of the right message so that users will want to adopt new processes.



Equipping users with the right amount of knowledge in an efficient manner.



Ensuring that the organisation's internal policies are understood and adhered to.

In Astral’s experience, when developing training you need to remember that every audience is different; the relevant messages must be developed specific to the needs of each group. Similarly, users are typically drawn to changes when they provide tangible benefits i.e. the what’s-in-it-for-me (WIIFM) principle. The training needs to incorporate how the business processes have changed as a result of using the new system, and how the changes will benefit both the user and the organisation. Training provides an opportunity to educate and motivate all impacted users because ultimately, your solution is successful only if it is being used.

 End User Enablement

End-user enablement ensures that the business is equipped to deal with any issues which may arise from the transition to the new solution. To faciliate this, Astral conducts a Training Needs Analysis to determine which curriculum and materials will best suit your needs. The training course is designed to align with your corporate style and culture. The delivery of training is in the format(s) that best suits your users, for example, web-based modules, group classroom sessions, one-on-one meetings or train-the-trainer workshops. Astral encourages the use of feedback surveys and user-group meetings to determine the success of the program.