Is SharePoint Right For You?

It's no secret that Microsoft's SharePoint platform is now a key player in the Information Management (IM) space. Like any other IM solution on the market, it's important to understand the capabilities, and whether it's the right match for your business.

Astral's services focus on making good strategic decisions. Before jumping in the deep end, our consultants can help you to understand if SharePoint meets your IM needs. By understanding your specific business requirements, we can perform a gap analysis to determine whether SharePoint is the right fit for your organisation.

Astral can help to answer some of the common questions SharePoint raises:


 SharePoint Improvement

Will SharePoint make things better?

There's a lot to know about SharePoint; the features and limitations that are relevant to your company may not be immediately apparent. We'll evaluate your requirements, consider your existing processes and systems and make unbiased recommendations on how well SharePoint fits in your organisation.

 SharePoint Lessons

What lessons can we learn from those before us?

Many experts have questioned whether SharePoint measures up against other pure IM solutions. Others raise concerns about managing the proliferation of SharePoint sites long-term. Some see more value in leveraging SharePoint's interface combined with another vendor's IM repository as the ‘back-end'.

Astral has a broad range of experience across the IM industry and understands the technical and business consequences of SharePoint's implementation options. We can define the Do's and Dont's of implementing SharePoint in an IM context.

 SharePoint with other Systems

Will SharePoint work with other systems?

Careful planning and detailed research is imperative if you need to share information across systems. Astral will analyse your existing systems and processes to define your integration requirements. We'll then help you to plan for integrating with other applications.

 SharePoint usage

How can we ensure our staff use it effectively?

Astral provides tailored end-user training for SharePoint users. We'll focus on educating your staff on the business processes which ensure your information is accessible, secure and relevant.