Data Breach – The Art of War – Know Your Enemy

Do you take the hackers perspective when formulating your cyber security strategies?

we are only as strong as our weakest link, hackers find the security vulnerabilities fairly easily. Here is a summary of Nuix's Black Report that examines the cybersecurity landscape from the hacker's perspective, including the background and mindset of hackers; most effective attacks, countermeasures, and security programs; and what hackers would tell company executives and directors if they had the chance.


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Enterprise Information Governance

Enterprise Information Governance


Information Governance 101

Information Governance is a subset of Corporate Governance and this paper is a high-level overview for senior managers that provides context for what Information Governance is, what are the business drivers, what value does it deliver, who in the organisation needs to be involved and how is an Information Governance program initiated.


Content Management using File Analysis Capabilities

Understand where your content is, what's in it, and how to manage it effectively with File Analysis capabilities.

Increasing Enterprise Information Governance Mindshare

Most organizations are at or near the end of transforming and/or updating transactional processes and systems to become more efficient and reduce cost. Information Management executed via an IG Framework provides an opportunity to drive growth and competitive advantage.

Information Governance

Digital transformation has resulted in a massive increase in the volume of information coming into and being created across the enterprise. This white paper describes how an Information Governance program is essential to maximise the value of information

ISO55000 and
Information Governance

Building a foundation for ISO 55000 compliance requires specialist skills and Astral has teamed with Information Legal, who come at information management from a legal perspective. This jointly developed short paper describes the interdependencies of the disciplines underpinning an ISO 55000 solution from an Information Governance perspective.




Federal Government privacy reforms, effective from 12 March 2014, impact the business processes, services and functions which process personal information. These whitepapers provide a conceptual overview of Information Management Governance and the impacts of the new Act.



To truly mobilise your workforce, your organisation must provide fast and flexible access to all company information. This white paper reviews the impact of mobility on Information Governance.