Business Focused Approach

Change Management Approach

Through our business-focused approach, Astral provides a flexible framework for implementing Information Governance (IG) and managing the associated change. The Astral approach does not separate the change activities from the Information Governance program activities; the two are intertwined and are parallel to any project delivery activities. As an essential part of an IG program, integrated change is incorporated within any ECM implementation to facilitate business user adoption and deliver sustainable results.

Astral believes in a flexible, practical approach with a long term focus. We support a phased transition, rather than an “all at once” implementation. As well as having the tools to manage and secure an organisation’s information, Astral believes that human-focused programs are essential to enforce the management of the IG program and enable an organisation to achieve its goals. 

In the development of an IG framework, Astral take a pragmatic approach, leveraging any existing material or programs. 


Business Process Alignment

The introduction of an IG framework requires users to learn the specific aspects of the framework, and also to learn how the framework is to be used to complete their day-to-day tasks. Practical guidance is important to foster changes to business processes and minimise the impact on end users. 


It is important to deliver the right message at the right time to the right recipient from the right source. Communications need to be a combination of top down and bottom up, tailored to stakeholders' needs. Development of a Communication Strategy in the early project stages is vital to managing the flow of information through the organisation.


Astral has extensive experience in delivering training, both for end users, business administrators and support staff. When analysing the client’s capacity for change, Astral performs a training needs analysis to help the team understand and define training success criteria.