Enterprise Information Management as a Service (EIMaaS)

Customer Success Story – Mining Service



The Business Problem

This customer provides services to help mobilise the vital resources required by mining companies globally. The organisation is head officed in Melbourne, with global operations across more than 100 countries. Following the implementation of a Controlled Document Framework (CDF) solution that utilised an OpenText Content Server platform, the organisation lacked the internal expertise to provide support for the CDF solution to the level required by the business.


Identified Business Challenges

    • Current available support resources do not have the needed expertise to deliver the support effectively.
    • Having no adequate support will introduce a risk for future use and impact the ability to extend the global roll out of the framework.
    • Through its integration with SAP, the CDF solution is vital to the delivery of critical business documents placing greater importance on the availability of the system.
    • Significant time and cost is required to upskill or hire new internal resources to perform the support of the application.


Services Overview

The organisation engaged Astral to deliver Enterprise Information Management as a Service (EIMaaS) services to provide level 2 application support for the CDF solution. This offering included the provision of highly skilled professionals with Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and OpenText Content Server specific experience to provide support for the CDF solution from both a solution and business perspective.

The Level 2 support activities included:

    • Full time onsite support for the CDF solution that utilises application specific knowledge.
    • Execution of Service Requests for the CDF solution.
    • Incident Management for the CDF Solution.
    • Problem management, escalation and resolution for the CDF solution.
    • Leverage Astral Application Help Desk and reporting function.
    • Preventative maintenance for the CDF Solution.
    • Document and maintain support processes.
    • Educate and support end users.
    • Support the power users

The EIMaaS services were initially engaged for business hours only with the option to extend this as required to meet the needs of the business.


Business Benefits

    • Delivery of efficient and effective support services for the CDF solution to minimise the impact on BAU operations
    • Leverage Astral’s extensive experience in EIM and remove the need to upskill/hire internal resources
    • The CDF solution is able to be progressively extended to other sites in line with business priorities
    • Take advantage of Astral’s application support framework, processes and procedures


About Astral

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