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Astral’s EIM as a Service (EIMaaS) provides an end-to-end comprehensive and seamless solution that eliminates the need for piecing together fragmented technology pieces. With our EIMaaS managed service, organisations can leverage Astral’s extensive expertise in people, processes, and technology to effectively manage their Enterprise Information Management solutions.

Delivers your enterprise content to your consumers regardless of technology or organisation

Astral’s EIM Managed Service delivers:

  • Enterprise solutions, regardless of existing technology and organisational structure – Tailored to meet your requirements based on geography, service levels, and data sovereignty.
  • Full hosting, management, and support solutions – For your critical and non-critical applications with industry-leading AWS and Azure public or private cloud platforms.
  • EIMaaS complete support – Our certified knowledge consultants are always available 24×7 to resolve your business issues from Level 1 to 4. Our experienced team focuses on EIM across multiple products and industries.
  • Astral’s unique ‘people, process and technology’ approach – We delve deep to understand your business, existing process, and governance to reduce risk and deliver tailored support, preventative maintenance, and monitoring.
Provides you with end-user support with a business focus

Astral offers a full range of market-leading EIM solutions and connectors to rapidly onboard numerous industry solutions with scalable cloud-based architecture, such as:

  • Content Services Platform (CSP)
  • Intelligent document capture and automation
  • Records Management – Retention and disposal
  • Document Management – Controlled documents
  • Engineering drawings, data management and EIM Connector
  • File Discovery as a Service    
  • Migration as a Service.
Provides an ECM application layer for you to configure your EIM Solutions

Organisations increasingly seek reliable Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, irrespective of technology suite, as they move beyond traditional servers and data centres.

Astral’s Platform Managed Service can:


  • Simplify challenging upgrade paths and outdated platforms with:
    • Cloud-based and scalable solutions
    • High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) architecture
    • Minimise Single Points of Failure (SPOF). 
  • Mitigate technical debt and ensure a seamlessly patched and upgraded platform without any disruption to users.
Utilising an experienced team saves over-investing in internal resource

Astral’s certified Cloud Team can manage your AWS and Azure cloud environment for your critical EIM solutions, including:

  • Initial setup
  • Lift-and-shifts
  • Ongoing management
  • Continuity of Business requirements.

Astral has experience deploying the OpenText EIM suite of products on various Cloud environments and knows what works best for different EIM situations – saving you money, ensuring compliance, and reducing risk.

“Astral’s agility and global delivery model enabled us to work together to successfully migrate and uplift our on-prem ECM solution to Astral’s cloud based EIMaaS delivery framework.  Both on time and budget Astral delivered significant and immediate business benefit whilst realising ongoing cost savings.”

Senior Executive – Global Energy Company

Global Oil and Gas Exploration Company – EIM-as-a-Service

Our client is a global energy company that has operational assets of both LNG and Oil delivering high value energy that meets the needs of society with a mix of greenfield and brownfield assets. EIM is leveraged to drive the embedded value of sustainability with the aspiration to set the industry standard for sustainability in this sector globally.

Business Challenges

Our client was using an EIM solution based on technology that needed an upgrade, an architecture that was not scalable and providing fault tolerance, resulting in poor response times for end-users and lack of ability to respond to business requests to improve the solution.

Business Solution

Astral provided an EIMaaS solution for the OpenText Documentum solution. This included initially migrating the existing system to a customer owned private cloud system and then performing an upgrade to the latest Documentum version.

An innovative and cost-effective application support solution for the EIM solution was provided by Astral by teaming with its strategic partners to leverage a global delivery platform and expertise around the OpenText Documentum product suite.


Application Support globally.

Astral’s delivery experience enable the delivery as a seamless blended team and leverage the best resource model globally to provide a 24 x 7 support model to all client sites across multiple sites globally.


Business Benefits

Cost Reduction

Lower overall cost of ownership
Leverage modern technology stack
Delivers Cloud first

Risk Reduction

Decoupling of Service
Customer owns platform
Customer owns licence

Information Access

Information available 24 X 7
No interruptions to uptime

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