Product Accelerators

Implementation Accelerators are an integral part of our value proposition at Astral. They are designed to empower our customers to help speed the time to value and can be your first step in an on-going process of continuous improvement.

Astral provides a range of industry and product-based options to empower you and help fast-track a return on your investment.

Full lifecycle management for all enterprise documents.

Your business processes generate and rely upon unstructured content – including documents, images, spreadsheets, controlled documents, drawings, etc.  However, the challenge arises when your structured business processes and unstructured content are disjointed, located in information silos across your business. Employees spend hours searching for misplaced content or recreating it, costing you time and money. Additionally, if the records are not compliant you face having a legal exposure. To ensure that your business processes get the right information at the right time and in right context, it is crucial to connect the unstructured content to structured data and business processes in ERP solutions such as SAP.

OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) for SAP Solutions connects Enterprise Content Management to any lead SAP application, improving users’ efficiency, control and access to unstructured content. With xECM for SAP Solutions, you can attach unstructured documents and entire ECM workspaces to transactions in SAP applications.

Astral’s solution accelerators are available to streamline your EIM deployment.  The solution accelerator delivers you best practice in the implementation of OpenText xECM for SAP Solutions in a specific business context, reducing cost, time, and risks of such implementation projects.

Astral implement our solution accelerators across various SAP applications including: Plant Maintenance, Projects, Customer Relationship Management, Procurement, Master Data Management, SAP Success Factors, Environment Health and Safety, Finance, and SAP Human Resource (HR).

Fully integrated from invoice capture to posting.

Astral’s VIM implementation solution sits on our best of breed invoice management solution: FAST-VIM Invoice.  It is tailored to meet the precise needs of accounts payable departments.  The approach provides you a pre-configured solution on a baseline SAP IM product offering, enriched by commonly accepted best practices.

VIM is the OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solution, the only integrated vendor invoice management solution premium-qualified by SAP.  The development standards and tests on this module are identical to those of any other SAP module, therefore VIM is considered a module of SAP.

The delivery of FAST-VIM contains activities specific to business requirements, business process mapping and aspects of design.  This allows for a streamlined set of workshops with you, aligning business requirements to the product and development of a tailored solution design.  The project is highly focused and contained, drawing upon a wealth of previous experience.  It is our clients’ experience that with FAST-VIM few change requests are raised, and for those that are raised, the business case is solid and guaranteed.

The delivered solution is fully integrated from invoice scan and capture through to posting.  SAP VIM provides full traceability throughout the whole process and is natively integrated with SAP.

Astral will provide you accurate and detailed estimates for all components of a proposed implementation project. These include external services, hardware, software, and time commitment requirements from your internal resources.

Providing access to all your business information.

The Microsoft 365 environment, leveraging its Office Suite apps and services, such as OneDrive and Word, provides you with a consistent and interlinked document management and collaboration system. We work with you to configure Microsoft 365 settings to ensure the environment is adhering to your organisation’s security and compliance needs, enabling audit and eDiscovery features. In recommending the licensing and add-ons required to meet your business requirements, we will support your business needs and provide recommendations that have been discovered through our experience with numerous prior implementations.

SAP Connector enables you to access information stored in SharePoint Online from a SAP Workspace. SharePoint can be configured to create a records management solution that reflects your business processes, ensuring your records are discoverable, available, and secure.

Microsoft Teams further enhances your business’ opportunity for collaboration via additional functionality, including Chat, Teams, Meetings and additional tools. Your Teams users can perform synchronous collaboration on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, as well as initiate Ad-Hoc meetings.  With 20 years of information management experience, Astral understands your operational model to create a relevant Teams structure for business projects and/or departments to ensure your end users work the way you want them to.

The Astral SAP Connector provides a reusable component that can be used by any SAP application to get an overview of documents related to business objects in SAP.  The connector enables developers to retrieve a list of documents using a single service call, greatly improving performance of your solution.

A robust and secure repository for processing very high volumes of information.

Content management platforms serve as the foundation for a complete enterprise-wide content management solution. Astral can deliver you such a solution on the OpenText Content Suite and Documentum platforms, tailored to your industry and business requirements.

We have deep knowledge on the features and benefits of these product suites, for the purpose of integrating them to the way you manage information across your organisation.

Manage the interaction of your enterprise information with flexible user interfaces configured by us and made meaningful for you. The in-built security model can be configured to protect your sensitive data from unauthorised use and to integrate with existing directory services. Powerful search engines and indexing tools provide you the capability to locate the right information at the right time based on criteria you provide. Modern automation tools, including auto-numbering, lifecycle management, workflow and archiving can be designed and implemented to streamline your business processes and reduce unnecessary administration effort.

Maintain a single source of truth across the organisation with advanced versioning and document linking capability to be shared across or outside your shared workspaces.

Astral consultants have a wide range of experience in managing both cloud and on-premise architecture models and support solutions at an infrastructure and application level from installation through to implementation and upgrade. Astral keep you up to date with new software enhancements to ensure you are always taking advantage of the latest functionality of the supported Content Suite or Documentum platforms.

“Astral’s guidance, insight, direction and collaboration on the management of our corporate information lifecycle throughout the associated business processes has been both refreshing and transformative. Their depth of IM experience, significant expertise and flexibility in working with the greater team has been instrumental in driving positive business outcomes across the many projects with which they have been engaged.”

Director of Corporate Services – Leading Australian Educational Institute

Rapid Deployment Vendor Invoice Management

This product accelerator has been developed leveraging an Industry Best Practice Rapid Deployment approach so that customers will be able to achieve a faster return on investment. The rapid-deployment solutions provide a scalable low-cost solution for your invoice-to-pay operations.

Business Challenges

The prospect of implementing Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) for SAP can be a daunting prospect because it requires a skill set that is not normally part of your SAP technical capability. To outsource the entire implementation to an external team can be expensive and it can be a challenge to hire the skill sets internally. It can also be difficult to justify budget due to lack of internal capability and understanding of the tool.

Business Solution

The solution focuses on the implementation of the SAP Invoice Automation Solution using the FAST-Invoice approach.  This includes confirmation of business requirements, solution design, solution installation and configuration, system testing, UAT support, delivery of training and go-live support. 

The approach focuses on an accelerated implementation of an out-of-the-box, pre-configured vendor invoice management solution which includes:

  • Configuration of 10 Exceptions from SAP Invoice Management with itemised costs.
  • Purchase Order (PO)
  • Implementation of Capture Centre for 3 environments (Development, UAT and Production)
  • OpenText Archive Server
  • Single Country Implementation
  • IM out-of-box reporting: IM Analytics, Liability Reporting, Invoice Ageing Reporting
  • Email integration for ingestion of Invoices
  • Unit Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Go Live and Support

Business Benefits

  • Easy to use solution that drives a consistent business process and includes key capabilities such as automated document classification and a standard set of document types
  • Easy to link to latest released version to support key activities in the asset management lifecycle
  • Framework enables adoption across all areas of the business, and provides extensions to meet unique IM / safety requirements
  • Different areas of the organisation can adopt framework at different stages

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