We provide a comprehensive range of EIM consulting, design, delivery, and managed services. With over 200 engagements and a highly professional and accredited team, we offer vendor-independent assessments, strategic advice, seamless implementation, and efficient management of enterprise-wide solutions. Our services enhance your information assets’ value, security, and compliance.

Invest in the foundations to increase the value of your information assets

Streamline your company’s information assets and improve data-driven decision-making with our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions.

At Astral, we work closely with you to define the best approach to achieve your unique business goals. We can help you with the entire solution development and deployment, including:

  • Define your EIM requirements
  • Establish a product selection framework to help you evaluate the best product for your needs
  • Map the requirements of your chosen product
  • Design and deliver the solution.

For 23 years, we have developed unique industry-leading methodologies, tools, and frameworks to ensure the successful delivery of a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Controlled document and records management​
  • Intelligent document capture and automation​
  • Engineering drawing and data management​
  • Legal and contract management​
  • Collaboration and new ways of working​
  • Bespoke information management solutions and integrations​.
Critical components – your solution is successful only if it is being used

At Astral Consulting, we believe an IM solution’s success hinges on its adoption. Our consultants are equipped with both functional and technical expertise to empower your end users and bring about the desired change. 

Our comprehensive business change program consists of:

1. Tailored Communications – Developed for your stakeholder groups across all levels. We work hand in hand with your in-house project and communications teams to ensure the right messages are conveyed at the right time.

2. Process Change – Delivered in consultation with business stakeholders and aligned with business processes throughout the project.​

3. End User Enablement – This results from a thorough analysis of your training needs, guided by your business processes, the solution, and your organisation’s readiness for change. It includes training, support materials, and quick-reference guides that encourage solution use in a business context. 

Our expertise empowers your teams to be educated, motivated, and ready to fully utilise your EIM solution and leverage your information effectively for years to come.

Align your engineering data assets and business needs through our EDM Framework

Managing engineering assets and their associated data can be overwhelming. As your assets move through their lifecycle, from initial concept to manufacture and into maintenance, they generate an astounding amount of information, including drawings, descriptions, work orders, and maintenance reports in multiple versions.​

Astral’s robust EDM frameworks align with your engineering and business needs effectively:

  • Organising data
  • Mapping the entire lifecycle of assets
  • Capturing all the associated data
  • Automating manual processing
  • Presenting data on a central, secure viewing platform
  • Enabling effective collaboration
  • Maintaining secure access and version control.

Let us help you navigate this data jungle and transform your EDM digital landscape. With 23+ years of experience, we can integrate an EDM system seamlessly with your enterprise and engineering partners.

Building the Pathway for maximising the value of your Information

As your organisation’s information expands, so does the need to address challenges with data structure and interoperability across data sets and systems. 

Our enterprise-wide information taxonomy and metadata model explicitly tailored to your business functions and processes will: 

  • Align data structures across your systems
  • Help users easily find up-to-date information
  • Streamlines processes
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Support technological innovation projects by removing siloed data sets.
Provides a foundation for a solution that caters to your specific requirement

A robust document management system is vital to any organisation to ensure consistency, compliance, and efficient workflows. Astral’s enterprise-wide controlled document framework empowers your organisation to:

  • Seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of your documents – from creation to disposition
  • Create a single source of truth for authorised processes
  • Establish and enforce standards
  • Control document access, edits, and approvals
  • Deliver comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities for tracking document activity.

With Astral’s tried and tested solutions, experience streamlined document management that drives your business forward.

A robust and secure repository for processing very high volumes of information

Astral offers comprehensive enterprise-wide content management platform solutions tailored to your industry and business needs, including OpenText Content Suite and Documentum solutions that can:

  • Process high volumes of information – Robust, secure processes that deliver exceptional data integrity.
  • Locate the right information at the right time – Powerful search engines and indexing tools tailored to your needs.
  • Configurable user interfaces – Manage interactions and user experience with your enterprise information
  • Protect your sensitive data – With an in-built security model that integrates with existing directory services.​
  • Streamline your business processes – Modern automation tools, including auto-numbering, lifecycle management, workflow, and archiving, are designed to reduce administration tasks.​
  • A single source of truth – With advanced versioning and document linking capability securely shared documents across internal and external workspaces.​
  • Supporting cloud and on-premise architecture models – Support solutions at the infrastructure and application level from installation to implementation and upgrade.
  • Keep up to date with the latest software enhancements – Leveraging the full functionality of the supported platforms.
Providing access to all your business information

We specialise in providing comprehensive business information solutions for your needs, including:

  • Microsoft 365 tailored solutions – Empower efficiency and collaboration in your organisation with:
    • Seamless document management and collaboration system – With Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
    • Security and compliance – Ensure you meet your statutory requirements with eDiscovery and audit tools.
    • SharePoint configurations – Align your records management with your business processes.
  • SAP Connector solutions that enable:
    • Easily access SharePoint information – Directly from your SAP workspace to match your business processes.
    • Reliable records management solution – Ensure your records are easily discoverable, accessible, and secure.
    • Significantly enhance the performance of your solution.

“We recognised the importance of partnering with organisations who could bring IP to the project to fast track what we were trying to do and who could also fit our culture and project delivery model. We chose Astral on this basis and we have been very happy with that decision. They have been our change and business analysis partner from the start and were instrumental in assisting us to win the best global OpenText implementation in the energy sector.”

Group Manager – Global Mining Company

Global Mining Company – EIM Core Services

Our client is a global resources company that mines, explores and develops copper, zinc and other base metal projects across Australia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Peru.

Business Challenges

Our client needed to bring together the information management practices of its multiple sites across the globe to address the business challenges of finding vital documents, proving compliance with industry standards and over-retention of information raising the risks of accessing out-of-date operating instructions.

Inefficiencies were identified with the same information being created multiple times at different sites due to not being able to find information and also not being sure of the correct version. Staff were unable to collaborate and leverage knowledge across sites.

Business Solution

To address their challenge of managing documents and consolidating disparate systems from multiple locations from around the world, our client implemented a centralised solution to drive efficiencies through common process across all mine sites and enable information reuse across all locations.

Functions Automated

  • Integration with SAP Financials 

  • Enterprise Controlled Documents 

  • Consolidation of Multiple Repositories 

  • Integration of SharePoint Portal with Enterprise Repository 

  • Enterprise Search 

Business Benefits

3000 Hours

Per Year of Doc Controller Time

1000 days

Per Year From Automation


Reduction in Breakdown Maintenance Downtime

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