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Astral has successfully delivered over 300 projects to our enterprise clients since 2000. We have subject matter expertise across industry sectors including: Utilities, Mining, Manufacturing, Resources, Government, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance and Pharmaceuticals.

Astral has developed industry specific solutions to aid in streamlining your information management needs and deliver valuable business outcomes.

Realising the value in a sustainable EIM solution.


Being involved in Mining, your exploration and operational activities can expose employees and contractors to high-risk environments.  Your organisation needs to ensure that up-to-date information is available to those who need it, when they need it, to prepare and perform their job safely is critical.

Implementation of a well-defined Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution will provide your business with an easy to grasp framework, providing a powerful search capability and ensuring confidence when searching for the latest version of a document, driving business efficiencies.

One such example is efficiencies realised in planned maintenance, where the OpenText platform offers the ability to integrate your other point solutions – e.g. SAP for Work Management. With thorough design consideration reliant on input from your business, the right documents can be made available from an interface directly within those solutions, minimising the change to your maintenance, drilling and operations staff.

Implementation of your EIM solution requires consideration for your operational, health and safety, environmental, and community needs. Incorporating existing document management processes with a simple controlled document framework will facilitate an implementation that can be easily adopted across your business.

EIM solutions can deliver new ways of working through face-to-face engagement with subject matter experts commencing early in the project, through to on-site training and support during and post implementation. This engagement of the business is the foundation in enabling your users to develop confidence in the underlying technology, significantly contributing to the delivery of a successful business outcome.

It is important that your business is involved in the enablement planning and providing input to the future direction of better information management, balancing the needs of your business, IT and your regulatory environment.

Digital contract solution.

Enterprise sales and administration teams face increasing challenges in the management of their customer contracts – both onboarding and renewal.

Regularly seen pain points include: limited capabilities of existing technologies (incl. CRM), associated processes and systems are unintuitive, limited system search, the manual nature of the processes, etc.

Often the process inadequacies can lead to signed customer contract offers expiring and/or other issues impacting the organisation’s ability to acquire and/or retain their customers.

The resulting impact to large corporates from both a digital customer experience and cost to serve is suboptimal, in some cases, driving large scale customer churn.

A streamlined onboarding and renewal customer contracting process leverages both your existing and additional technology, to deliver the best outcome for the business and your end customer.

There is no need for large scale software replacement. To the contrary, best practice recognises utilising what is in place today; in terms of being fit for purpose for your associated business process.

Astral’s digital contracts solution tightly integrates your existing applications – such as CRM, ERP, Digital Signatures and Content Services platforms – with a digital signature solution to provide a streamlined fully digital solution. The solution manages the contract management business process and all associated artefacts end to end, greatly enhancing the customer engagement experience.

The business benefits realised by our clients are delivering a very high return on investment across the following aspects:

  • Improved customer experience and simplified process – up to an 80% reduction in processing time.
  • Reduction in sales team rework and contract validation.
EIM underpins controls in an asset intensive environment.

The importance of documenting and controlling processes/safety requirements cannot be understated when it comes to Works Management processes such as those in Manufacturing.

With over 20 years’ experience Astral remains the leader in Information Management knowledge and capability and is highly regarded across the asset intensive industry sectors where we help you ensure you remain legally compliant and adhere to your respective industry regulations.

Leveraging a core understanding of Enterprise Content Management on a large scale, Astral has the capability in-house, catering to your specific business requirements and expectations.  With a deep technical understanding of CSP platforms, including OpenText Content Suite, Microsoft 365 and Documentum, and with business specific Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement to ensure your smooth transition from current to future state.

Astral’s extensive consulting experience with leading players in the Mining and Energy sectors, can give you a high level of confidence and trust in our proven delivery methodology.  Astral’s end-to-end solutions and advanced understanding of Information Governance will ensure you receive an outcome that is consistent with best practice in industry requirements and regulations whilst also delivering an efficiency uplift and enabling your end users in your new ways of working.

Optimising operational efficiencies in an increasingly competitive market.

The Banking & Financial Services sector is currently facing significant challenges from higher customer expectations, security threats, evolving regulations and changing operational imperatives, that all impact how the lifecycle of information assets are managed.

Astral works with our clients in this sector to provide EIM solutions that are integrated with business process and other banking operational solutions to provide:

  • The ability to consistently and intelligently leverage real-time customer information to deliver personalised customer experience in whatever context it is required.
  • A reduction in the cost of regulatory operational costs and the risk of non-compliance without impacting the speed to market.
  • Information security to provide advanced detection to confidently discover and respond to events.
  • The ability to surface the right information, at the right time in the right context and business process to maintain their competitive advantage.
Delivery of Strategic Advice and IM solutions across Australian Government.

With experience in delivering strategic advice and implementation of information and records management projects across Australian State and Commonwealth Government departments since 2000, Astral is highly regarded in its knowledge of end-to-end information governance and records management requirements.  This is made possible by a business outcome focus and deep technical implementation expertise from a whole of Government’s ECM landscape perspective.

With that deep technical understanding of your CSP software platform(s) – including Microsoft 365, RecordPoint, OpenText Content Suite, Documentum, Micro Focus Content Manager (TRIM), Objective, etc – it is Astral’s integrated approach in working with your team and a focus on the enablement of your users within their respective business function and associated processes, that aid you to realise the value from your information assets.

The application in context, and consideration for your information and records management standard obligations – including the NAA’s Information Management Standard and applicable state-based records authorities – are very well understood and integrated into the Astral implementation methodology.

Representing Astral’s position as a leading authority in the Australian Information and Records Management community, team members hold various positions of contribution to respective Government authorities and tertiary institutions, including Standards Australia and the University of QLD.

“Charged with the responsibility of uplifting the agency’s information management processes and governance practices across the business, Astral delivered the foundations for a robust records management solution. Their integrated approach of working across all parts of our business enabled our users to see first hand the positive business outcomes that the solution delivered, and also the benefits of adjusting to best practice in how we manage records in the future.”

Manager, Information Services – Australian Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet Agency

Integrated eSignature Solution

Our customer, one of the largest Energy producers, distributers and retailers in Australia fulfils the energy requirements to excess of 50,000 commercial customers. Prior to the implementation of Astral’s Digital Contracts solution the execution of the contract between the supplier and customer was one of the biggest bottlenecks in the engagement process.

Business Challenges

In one month there were 3,300 opportunities up for renewal and because of the lengthiness of the CRM retention process the sales team was unable to contact all customers in a timely manner. Other challenges were inefficient processes, complex hierarchy and navigation across applications, disparate content sources resulting in mismanagement of contracts, high volume of back log reducing customer focus and a contract signing process that was frustrating and inconvenient for customers to print, sign, scan and email the offer pack.

Business Solution

The eSignature solution leverages xECM capability from OpenText to build a solution that delivers greater value and ROI across SAP CRM, OpenText Content Server and DocuSign. What differentiates this solution is that it leverages all three product functionalities with the value being delivered through the automation of the business processes across all components.

Business Benefits

  • Simplified Process, reducing from 39 to 4 clicks with an average 80% reduction in processing time.
  • Improved Customer Experience enabling customer to complete processes on the go.
  • Time saved in validating customer and contract with validation & auditing managed in DocuSign, delivering a reduction in handling time.
  • Reduction in Sales Team Re-Work due to expired contracts.
  • Improved searching and locating contracts, reducing time from 4 – 5 min to less than a minute.

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