Astral has worked with major firms to integrate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CSP (Content Services Platform). Each of these platforms, on its own, delivers significant business benefits through the effective management of business information and processes. However, these benefits increase exponentially when synergies are achieved through ERP and CSP integration.

Worker safety is the top priority for asset-intensive industries, with the next highest priorities being productivity, integrity and environmental safety of infrastructure across the asset lifecycle. From an enterprise information management perspective, three capabilities are critical to achieving these outcomes:

  1.  Integration of information with core business functions, including risk management and WH&S
  2.  Integration of information and data with operational processes, such as work order management
  3.  Efficient management of information transfer across the complete asset lifecycle, from design through to closure.

Connecting information, data and process supports all these desired outcomes through integrating ERP and CSP platforms. Some CSPs also manage lifecycles of BIM data, further extending operational effectiveness.

Independent research defining the benefits of integrated information management in asset-intensive industries has reported the following indicators of improvement:

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