Our client is a global producer, manufacturer and re-seller of chemical products. They required a robust global framework to support effective records and information governance across their operations in multiple geographical locations. The framework needed to address quality management and compliance obligations across multiple jurisdictions.

Business Challenges

This business faced a range of challenges that required the development of an effective framework for managing information. These included:

    • Lack of a uniform approach to managing high-value business records
    • Intensive quality assurance and compliance obligations, requiring a robust approach to managing production processes and products
    • Lack of standards for the classification, lifecycle management and security of information
    • Difficulty managing legal holds, discovery processes, legal matters, and other corporate compliance processes.

Business Solution

Astral worked closely with the company’s legal counsel, secretary and CIO to define key requirements for improved information governance and management. In collaboration, we developed a global information governance policy framework, including standards in:


  • Improved compliance capability & reduction of risk
  • Reduced legal liability through improved legal management processes
  • Greater clarity of information governance, roles and responsibilities
  •  Better business efficiency through alignment of information with business processes & practices
  • Increased business value leveraged from information assets.
    • Information management
    • Business classification
    • Records retention and disposal.

Astral also provided strategic advice that enabled effective implementation of this framework through:

    • Communication and change management
    • Systems implementations
    • Strategic recommendations for internal information governance capacity development.

As a result of our engagement, the client took a pragmatic approach to information governance and shifted from an ‘initial’ to a ‘managed’ stage of information governance maturity.

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