EIM Core Services

Information is the most valued commodity of the digital economy. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) addresses the ever-growing volume of information and its complex challenges that have outpaced traditional Information Management practices.

Astral provides EIM Core Services to help you improve efficiencies, redefine business models and transform your business.

Combine your business knowledge and our EIM expertise to deliver results.

Astral will help you to manage your information assets with effective business solutions.

We have extensive experience in

  • Developing detailed enterprise strategies that take into consideration the people, processes and pragmatic changes necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Advising on standards and best practices specific to your industry
  • Detailed business consultation to determine the level of maturity across the business by assessing your current information management practices and processes, and
  • Preparing an implementation Roadmap that takes into consideration your organisation’s culture, your EIM maturity and experience, short term business benefits and long-term objectives.  We can provide you with detailed and accurate estimates for all components, such as infrastructure, software, external resources, and commitment from internal resources.

Together, we will determine the most appropriate approach to introduce, or extend, the role of EIM in your business.

Invest in the foundations to increase the value of your information assets.

Since 2000, Astral has developed extensive experience in the implementation of EIM solutions across a range of industries and vendors.  We will work with you to define the best approach to achieve your desired business outcomes across your preferred timeframe.

If you have not yet selected a product, we will help you to determine a product selection framework that draws on our specialised knowledge of the EIM industry.

Together, we will:

  • Define your EIM requirements,
  • Map the requirements to your selected product,
  • Design the solution, and
  • Implement and roll-out the solution.

Throughout the project, we will leverage our extensive IP (including our methodology, tools and templates) that we have developed in our 20+ years of EIM implementation experience.

Get it right the first time with a tried and tested IG Framework.

Every enterprise has a unique ecosystem, that can be represented in an Operational Model of business functions and associated business processes.  This also identifies information flows, in and around the Organisation, that should be included in an Information Architecture.

Your Enterprise Information Architecture acts as a bridge connecting your information, data, technology, customers and staff.  Astral applies information science to design structures and systems for labelling, navigating and searching information, that facilitates discovery and understanding.

Information Architecture supports an Information Governance Framework that:

  • Develops rules and processes for the management of your information assets.
  • Identifies key stakeholders
  • Defines the ultimate business outcomes and
  • Balances all business drivers and stakeholder requirements
  • Is implemented through an incremental approach based on your organisational priorities and existing programs of work.
Critical components – your solution is successful only if it is being used.
Integral to every successful EIM implementation is a Business Change program tailored to your business and tightly aligned with your Implementation Approach.  Astral consultants are functionally and technically skilled to enable your end users and implement the Change program.

Business Change consists of:

Communications – developed for your stakeholder groups at all levels, with the involvement of your internal project team and communications team to deliver the right message at the right time.

Process change – delivered in consultation with business stakeholders and aligned with business processes throughout the project.

End User Enablement arises from a training needs analysis, based on business processes, the solution and your organisation’s capacity for change.  It consists of training and supporting materials, plus quick-reference guides to prompt the use of the solution in a business context.  This approach will sustain the solution for years to come, including the onboarding of new users.

Change Management and End User Enablement educates and motivates all EIM users across your enterprise to use your processes and your information.

“We recognised the importance of partnering with organisations who could bring IP to the project to fast track what we were trying to do and who could also fit our culture and project delivery model. We chose Astral on this basis and we have been very happy with that decision. They have been our change and business analysis partner from the start and were instrumental in assisting us to win the best global OpenText implementation in the energy sector.”

Group Manager – Global Mining Company

Global Mining Company – EIM Core Services

Our client is a global resources company that mines, explores and develops copper, zinc and other base metal projects across Australia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Peru.

Business Challenges

Our client needed to bring together the information management practices of its multiple sites across the globe to address the business challenges of finding vital documents, proving compliance with industry standards and over-retention of information raising the risks of accessing out-of-date operating instructions.

Inefficiencies were identified with the same information being created multiple times at different sites due to not being able to find information and also not being sure of the correct version. Staff were unable to collaborate and leverage knowledge across sites.

Business Solution

To address their challenge of managing documents and consolidating disparate systems from multiple locations from around the world, our client implemented a centralised solution to drive efficiencies through common process across all mine sites and enable information reuse across all locations.

Functions Automated

  • Integration with SAP Financials 

  • Enterprise Controlled Documents 

  • Consolidation of Multiple Repositories 

  • Integration of SharePoint Portal with Enterprise Repository 

  • Enterprise Search 

Business Benefits

3000 Hours

Per Year of Doc Controller Time

1000 days

Per Year From Automation


Reduction in Breakdown Maintenance Downtime

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