Astral an industry leader in the field of Information Management, has recently signed an agreement with University of Queensland to support the ARC Training Centre for Information Resilience.

This centre aims to build workforce capacity in Australian organisations to harness the power of big data to improve productivity and workforce capacity in Australian businesses. The investment by both government and private sector organisations in this training centre will skill-up our next generation of research leaders so they are job-ready and working together with industry on real-world challenges.

Researchers based at UQ in Brisbane led by data science expert Professor Shazia Sadiq and researchers based at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne will collaborate with industry leaders and government organisations across a number of areas.

Astral’s involvement in this program has been building over the past 18 months – initially engaging with Dr Paul Scifleet and Associate Prof Amir Aryani, from Melbourne’s Swinburne University. Research themes were developed and submitted to the team at University of Queensland to be considered for inclusion in the ARC CIRES program and input provided for the program submission for an ARC grant.

It is a huge program of work to be delivered over 5 years with a total of 15 multi- disciplinary academics participating from both University of Queensland and Swinburne University and numerous research students over the period of the grant. Astral believe that this will have a lasting impact on Australian industry and the provision of expert professional across all aspect of Information Management.

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