Strategy Use Case

This Astral client is a large financial organisation that operates Australia-wide. The organisation set the strategic direction to consolidate all IM platforms and engaged Astral to identify all existing unstructured content residing throughout the company’s IM repositories and provide a path forward for the migration and/or integration of this content to the new central IM platform that utilised Microsoft365 (MS365). 


Business Challenges

  • Complex IT landscape with multiple systems performing the same function 

  • It can be a time-consuming process to locate information as documents may be stored in multiple locations 

  • Non-compliance with records retention obligations 

  • High end user training needs due to the large number of applications in place 

Strategic Recommendations

Astral performed a current state assessment of the existing IM repositories as well as evaluating the existing MS365 system, to determine the approach required to move the content into the target system that is able to meet the business requirements, and adhere to the IM-related compliance obligations. 

Astral prepared a comprehensive migration assessment report for each of the current repositories and made a series of recommendations for changes to the target MS365 platform that included the information architecture, security, access control, records management, search and governance. 

The recommendations included utilising advanced AI functionality to not only help manage the retention of this content but increase the value of the content by providing greater discoverability and reuse through the business. 

The analysis clearly identified the different requirements that the new IM platform needs to support for the different groups of documents (e.g. vital documents vs. working documents)An implementation plan was prepared that provided a breakdown of the work required, along with the estimated timeline, costs and resources.  This enabled the organisation to obtain sufficient budget and to set accurate expectations for the proposed consolidation.

Business Benefits

  • Simplified IT landscape.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership for IM applications
  • Drive greater value from information by making it discoverable
  • Drive a consistent approach to how to manage information across the organisation
  • Facilitates consistency in business process across different business areas  

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